A background in wine and spirits has left us as true flavour chasers. Our love and knowledge of all that complexity of flavour, both big and bold, subtle and nuanced, carried straight over to our appreciation of coffee. We want to roast coffees that highlight the unique qualities of their particular origin to their fullest expression, in a way where there is something new and exciting to discover with every cup.

To that end, we focus on sourcing the finest single origin coffees we can find. Great coffee doesn’t need to be blended to have a full range of flavour, it should stand up on its own. It could be a juicy combination of strawberry and oranges, the sweet tang of lemon and red apple or the smooth base notes of cocoa and caramel. Or all of that in one.

Every coffee is unique. Even from the same country of origin or the same farm, two coffees can taste completely different. The soil, the weather and the processing all play a part in making coffee as complex and varied as it can be..

We carefully roast every coffee in small batches to best nurture and highlight these qualities. We test every batch we roast, always looking for ways to improve and develop these flavours even further. Whether you prefer espresso, filter or cafetière, we will have a coffee that appeals to your taste buds. We enjoy coffee in all its forms so will happily guide you.

As coffee is very seasonal at its many origins, our line-up will always be evolving and changing as we bring in the freshest green coffee to roast for you. When a familiar name returns in next year’s harvest, it could taste completely different as conditions at origin change. This is part of the joy of coffee, a constant sense of discovery.